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Oy Oy!

Another crop of Oyster mushrooms has appeared over the weekend, grown on used coffee grounds, within a plastic tub. Nothing but ambient heat to propel growth so there is no carbon input during the growth process, Fantastic!

Now for some stats:

Total weight of substrate – 2.5kg

Total yield – 170grams (6.8% of substrate)

Economic value of yield – £24

With regards to the economic value of this yield, One would like to point out the fact that to order a 25g portion of dried oyster mushrooms from online retailers will attract a postage charge that is larger than the price of the portion itself! In addition, food that has travelled long distances has less freshness and nutritional value than food that has not travelled long distances. This Kirlian photograph of a commerically grown mushroom and an organically grown mushroom adds weight to the case for increased local food production on the basis of the vitality of the food consumed.

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11 Responses

  1. I’m new to mycoculture, reading with great interest about coffee grounds as a substrate for oyster mushrooms. It would be good to know the details of your process. I’m planning on using wet cardboard in a sealed container to start the mycelium, then introducing this into a fresh batch of used coffee grounds. Is any casing layer necessary? Have you grown any other varieties?

    • Hi Rick

      Your plan sounds good to me. My process is very simple. I get the plastic container, rinse with hot soapy water, put the coffee in and sprinkle my starter mycelium on top of the coffee.

      I have noticed that putting mycelium on top of the coffee helps innoculation, as gravity assists the spores move through the coffee. I have had better results this way.

      I dont use a casing layer, but may use coir on some of my batches once i have the first flush. I’ve gone for simplicity first:-)

      I am growing all types of oyster mushroom.

  2. Amazing! You don’t have to cover it or put it in a dark cool place? How often do you mist it or none of that either? No holes in the tub above the medium to let out CO2? Cheers!

    • Hi Ian

      The bottles are growing in a pop up tent in a back garden, only covered at the top with some clingfilm. They keep growing in winter so they are cold tolerant, but grow very quickly in warm conditions, like now.

      No need to mist apart from when the mycelium is ready, and i just soak in water and leave uncovered to flush.

  3. Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. I would like to know when you buy coffee ground from coffee shop, do you sterilize them before sprinkle mushroom spawn? Cheers~!

    • Hello Penny

      You shouldnt have to buy the grounds, they tend to be free. And the next bit of good news is that they are pre sterilised due to the coffee making process. You may find that worms and flies can get in and inhibit mushroom growth in the early stages if you do not keep the grounds covered up (plastic tub or glass jar are good containers)

      • Thank you so much for your reply, Mycomate. Hopefully we can discuss more about growing oyster mushroom later on. Cheers

  4. Hi really interesting post , where do you buy your spawn?

    • Hello

      I found good spawn at APPUSMUSHROOM on ebay, decent price, good quality.

      I dont have to buy any spawn now, I re-use my samples that have fruited, which saves money

      • Thanks will check them out, I do have a couple of funghi futures kits en route i assume i could propogate some of the spawn in the kit myself

  5. I know this is reviving an old thread but how was your luck with the king oyster mushroom on coffee. aka Eryngii or king trumpet mushroom?

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