Apples at Paglesham

Apples sign

A couple of weeks ago I stopped off at Orchard House, which is on the Paglesham Road as you come from either Rochford or Ashingdon and bought some fantastic local apples. (see attached photos). It can be reached by bike. Look out for the yellow signs on the right handside of the road as you go towards Paglesham.

The owners have a large orchard and up until recently used to sell their produce in London. They have stopped doing this now, but sell direct to anyone who is passing! It’s all very simple- you choose, weigh and pay by leaving cash in a tin!

There are four varieties of eaters -Lord Lambourne, Russet, Spartan and Elstar and one cooking variety.They cost between 40-60p per pound for the best quality, but the marked apples are as little as 5p per pound and which are stillgood for use in puddings, cakes or cooking etc.There are quite a few windfalls which people can take to make homemade cider .

The flavour for all four eaters is fantastic- so if you you know any apple fans it’s worth the short journey!


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