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Southend in Transition Community Plot Update

Hi there fans and friends of https://sitcommunityallotment.wordpress.com
We had our first plot visit this year and got a cunning plan of making it even better place to meet new people, enjoy nature and growing fresh, mood and immune boosting food.
Please see dates for Taster dates open to new people below. Just come in for a cup of tea and piece of cake to see the plot and decide then if it is something you want to get involved with. Bring a friend of family. We have a core group of growers so if you want to pop in now and again that’s just right.
This year we have our original plot to work on and are looking at working on a Family Plot so if you are in a blessed state, have that newborn or toddler please let us know so we can check some ideas with you what would make it an ideal place for you to bring your family to.
Taster days 2nd Sat and 4th Sun of the month, between 10-14, newcomers welcome:
Sun 28/02 Spring Clean- clean out the greenhouse, weed the beds and paths, mow the grass, turn out the compost bins and mulch
Sat 12/03 Soil preparation – Soil testing – Soil improvement
Sun 27/03 Last of winter harvest and lunch – making seed bombs
Sat 9/04 Seed, weed, read – Seed Swap and Spring poetry
Sun 24/04 Plant and rant – take a pot home
Sat 14/05 Seed and more weed – Make a of a bug hotel and take home
Transition Drinks – Transition Drinks – 25/02, 31/03, 28/04 last Thursday of every month, 19:00, Olde Trout Pub
Save my mobile and see you there.
What you can do now:
1. visit the plot Map for a Taster
2. forward to friends
3. if you have any tools, seeds, allotment stuff etc drop it off or let me know if you need it picked up. Thanks in advance.
4. have a look at recent pictures
5. suggest what events and activities would you like to see
Kind Regards

Kamil Pachalko

Local action
www.SouthendinTransition.org.uk and on Facebook

The Big Lunch in Southend-on-Sea 2009

The Big Lunch July 19th 2009

On Sunday July 19th at the top of our road about 100 friends and neighbours celebrated the BIG LUNCH. Ages ranged from baby Alice age 1 to age 96.

It was as part of the Big Lunch initiative which you may have seen advertised on TV and which has been sponsored by Mastercard, EDF, Royal Mail, Big lottery, V, and Communities. In our town the local council helped us by paying for the Public Liability insurance and the road closure.

This is how we started. The idea appealed to me when by chance, I met a friend who lives in the next road. When I told her about the idea she straight away said I’ll help and we were off.

We used the KISS principle and decided to make the time from 12.30 – 3.30 and to ask people to bring chairs and food to share.  Posters were available on the website and we found Alpha Print who did them half price. We asked the local Petite Patisserie for their leftovers and while we were there the man from Gainsborough Carpets came in and he gave us over 100 carpet samples. Inspired by our success we went to the balloon shop who gave us 50ft of bunting!

Westcliff Recall Society brought some of their collection which prompted others to fetch out pictures and souvenirs of WWII , including a model of Hitler in a car which had been bought at the Vatican!

The bungalow on the corner had a bubble machine and so there were bubbles blowing everywhere helped by the strong wind. Local musician Tony Compton started the proceedings by playing the piano and Elizabeth Upsher sang Blue Moon to everyone’s delight.  Assou played the African drum and everyone had a good time and looks forward to next year. A young man Paul (who is going to Australia soon) also came and played but it was a sign of the times that this skill is not common place. A pretty teenager helped some children to learn ‘chopsticks’.

We were, needless to say, amazed when the Piano Pavilion offered the loan of a piano! Unfortunately other musicians were caught up by the swine flu business and couldn’t come.

As we delivered the leaflets and warning about the road closure we discovered the home for people with learning difficulties. Two of them Les and Nigel came to help decorate the table tops which were covered with lining paper – another gift from the Dulux store. Our Volunteer Matthew who is on the Youth Council just happens to be studying art so we finished with some lovely art work. I put this up on the derelict corner shop but come this morning it was gone!

Mara and I also gathered help from our local councillor Tania, who lives on Mara’s road and from Brenda the Chair of the Residents’ Association. Together we made a good team and my only disappointment has been the lack of publicity locally.

Someone – I think it was Keith – remarked that it was like the feeding of the 5,000 when we saw all the delicious food that had been produced! Kamil from Transition Westcliff brought in a vegan, organic, fairtrade, local blackcurrants cake:)

At the end there were races for over ten and under tens. The under tens, 3 pre-school little boys, just loved running down the middle of the road and did it again and again!

Most of the time there was just a lot of chat and laughter as people got to know each other. Old and young ate together, some danced together and even joined in the races.

Other streets in the area were also taken over by locals. Satanita Road residents had the whole stretch to themselves

and Pembury Road Street Party organized by South Westcliff Community Group and Milton Community Group invited a DJ and Roman dancers by a douzen.

Everyone was welcome… kind off.

They had a very interesting way to raise funds?!

The Big Lunch was backed by the local council who closed the road and also paid the public Liability Insurance. See www.biglunch.com

Thinks about doing one in your road next year- it is good fun .

Christine Robinson 85 Westbourne grove 01702 346291

Did you have a party at your street? How was it?

Newsletter July

No-one can do everything, but everyone can do something!’
Barons Court Infant School newsletter

Transition Westcliff Newsletter July

(working with people from Southend-on-Sea and beyond)

Starting Southend-on-Sea in Transition – join the group on Facebook

Transition Westcliff is an exploration of how the people of Westcliff-on-Sea and the surrounding area can prepare for low-energy, happy and more localised lives.

Localisation means providing for our basic needs as locally as possible with local people actively engaged in determining and supporting how this takes place

Permaculture designer Rob Hopkins
says: “Rebuilding local agriculture and food production, localizing energy production, rethinking healthcare, rediscovering local building materials in the context of zero energy building, rethinking how we manage waste, all build resilience and offer the potential of an extraordinary renaissance — economic, cultural and spiritual.”

Get your dairies out for the next events:

  • Transition Drinks, Transition Chat 30th of July, from 19:00 for a few hours. At the Cricketers Pub, crossroads of Milton Rd and London Rd, Westcliff-on-Sea. A chance to meet for an informal chat about Transition Westcliff and green organizations and projects in Southend. Past Drinks.
  • Steering Group Meeting – 15 of July, Wednesday at 8.00 pm. Open discussion and planning event. You are welcome, places are limited so give us a call or email before. Meet up at bottom of Southend Highstreet. Check and add to Open Agenda.
  • FREE ‘EDIBLE’ WINDOW BOX PLANTINGSaturday 11th July, 10 am – 12 pm at St Mark’s Centre, Princes Street, Westcliff
In association with Milton Community Partnership

A chance to get involved:

Our Steering Group is open to people interested in working with the community to find local solutions to the issues of climate change and peak oil. Sounds like a bit much at first:)? No worries, we will help you get clued up and skilled up in a supportive environment. We are no experts but local people on a journey.

Volunteer a few minutes here and there. Here are a few other bits we could use help with.

The core group members are already busy on the Transition Westcliff project. We can only do as much in our spare time so if you want more projects happening come and support us and you might feel the positive feeling associated with working with and for the community.

EcoHomes Tour Solar panels, wood stoves, insulation, water conservation etc are of interest to us so read more about it here and home owners get in contact to share your experience. Map mind over here.

Edible garden tour Don’t have an allotment but thinking about starting work on your back garden? What to grow and how? Do you want to see local back gardens in bloom full of veg and fruit? We want to!
Read about it here. If you want to help get in contact, open your garden to us or volunteer to help with the guided tours. Map mind over here.
Scrumping Have you seen fruit or nuts lying around in yours, maybe the neighbours garden or in some public space? Apples, pears, plums etc just rotting on the ground while they could be gathered up and made into some delicacies by those who need them? Don’t have time to pick them up or there are just too many in your garden. We will gather up the fruit and leave you a fair share to enjoy:) Why waste if it can taste? Full story here.

Well Being Fair We are thinking of organising a Well-Being Fair. This is at the stage of design but the basic idea would be for various practitioners (complementary therapies, psychotherapies etc) and agencies (PCT, sport, arts) to have their stand and introduce people to basic self help techniques and also to their services.

Southend – Grow your Own 2009 Map Are your seeds planted yet? Did you feel the thrill of those green seedlings coming out? What are you waiting for?

Send us your pictures of the seedlings, gardens, allotments and seeds via email or MMS and we will put them on an interactive map of Southend. Add your first part of postcode (ex. SS1). If you have loads of time add a short description of what you plan to grow this year. If you don’t have pictures send us the description and you’ll help inspire more growers this year in Southend. Back now to the allotment. Some of the pictures are already on the map.

Conflict Resolution Skills Cafe I wanted to learn the12 Skills of Conflict Resolution and discuss with friendly and interested others. Please get in contact if maybe you want to meetup to discuss and learn together in an informal and safe setting over a tea or coffee.

What we’ve been doing last month:

Southend-on-Sea in Transition launched on Facebook

  • The Transition Drinks were spent over a few drinks and exchanging ideas and contacts. Pop in this month.
  • We’ve watched Ecovillage Pioneers – an inspiring film about people and communities building their own sustainable homes and livelihoods
  • We’ve screened the film Money as Debt for the 3rd birthday of Southend Credit Union
  • We’ve visited the local Friends Meeting and talked about Transition Towns
  • We’ve visited the South East Essex Women’s Environmental Network Earth Day 2009

Transition News and Projects

Transition Network Newsletter

Writeups from the Transition Conference 2009

Over 130 152 170 185 Transition Initiatives around the world and growing strong. Transition Africa and Transition Finland.

What Can Happen When a Transition Initiative and its Local Government Work Together: the Stroud Story Transition Culture (7 July 2009)

Why are we actually doing this Transition Thing?

Sahara spreading to Europe

Report: Global climate disaster is moving closer

Study documents close relationship between past warming and sea-level rise

If those stories are a bit scary or confusing and you are asking yourself what you can do – take a look at the Transition Towns projects, browse other local projects for practical solutions and hey! come up with your own, share them and get involved.

Local News and Events:

Dig In Open Day – SEEWEN community allotment

Saturday July 11th 10.30 – 12 noon

The Big Lunch comes to Southend

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is supporting this special Eden Project event called The Big Lunch, in a bid to put a smile on the face of the town. The countdown is on for Southend residents to join a nationwide community street party event on Sunday 19th July.

SEEOG TRIPS: COACH TO GARDEN ORGANIC RYTON ON SATURDAY 18 JULY – check their newsletter for details.
Organic gardening seminars Saturday 25 July, 1.30pm:
Greensward Academy, Main Hall, Greensward Lane, Hockley SS4 5HG


Organic Growing Month by Month

Organic Vegetable Growing Course at Growing Together. Food Coop in St Marks Centre, Westcliff. Southend Credit Union Helping the local economy and you. Keep your money safe and sound. Are you a member yet? Transition your life with the help of Southend Libraries. Southend Highstreet Farmers Market and Leigh Farmers Market. Bicycle safety tagging.

Grass Roots Reading Group – call the Southend Library for the next date.

Volunteers for Metal – Village Green and Kitchen Garden.

Energy Usage Monitoravailable on loan from the Southend Library.

St. Lukes Healthy Living Centre – variety of services offered: healthy walks, community allotments etc

Woodland Resource Centre in South East Essex.

New Southend YMCA concept shop starting up – bring your clutter and yourself.

Westborough School applied to have a wind turbine and solar panels!

Southend in Bloom2009 will consist of two categories:

  • School competitions- Grow your Own Lunchbox
  • Residential and Commercial competitions

Wider Circle:

The Queen has got herself a garden and followed Prince Charles example by making it organic. Recently the Obama’s got one too so lets see who has got the greatest pumpkin in the end.

Skilling up for the Powerdown
Transition Training 25-26 July, Permaculture Courses 25 – 26 July and keep a look out for various local courses.

Your suggestions will help us:

What did you think about this newsletter? Survey is here.

The content of the newsletter can be be generated by you, the community members interested in TW and compiled by the Steering Group. Any news about activities, updates and forthcoming events should be submitted by 5th of each month to kamilpac@googlemail.com for inclusion in the next newsletter.

When we’ve asked you is starting Transition Southend a clever idea we got a few responses, one of them below:

As I said at the inaugural meeting I feel that to succeed it is imperative to relaunch initiative as Transition Southend.  You will not overexert yourselves because the project will encompass Westcliff and people from the surrounding areas will be more likely to join in.  Well done for what you have achieved so far.

Over the next few months we will be planning how to launch Transition Southend and what should it be so if you want to get involved it is a very exciting time now as you can influence our local history.

Big thanks to:

MCP for supporting our work and publishing the events in their newsletter and for all of you who keep in touch and support our work.

If you have something you want to share with us, feel free to get in contact. Share information, your ideas and feelings and share in the work here.
Sent to you by Kamil Pachalko on behalf of Transition Town Westcliff

Contact Details
Transition Town Westcliff – tackling peak oil and climate change, together, now


text or call 07707676308
skype: kamil.pachalko3
On Twitter
Southend-on-Sea in Transition on Facebook

Privacy clause

We respect your privacy. You can unsubscribe anytime by replying to this email with UNSUBSCRIBE in the Subject field.

We won’t share your details with any other organization and we respect your time and attention by controlling the frequency of our mailings.

You are receiving this emails because 1) you submitted your details to Transition Town Westcliff (TTW) so we can keep you up to date 2) or we thought that you personally/your organization might find the information we provide/work we do important and we could cooperate in making Westcliff on Sea and area a more pleasant, abundant and livable place and avoid climate disruption and energy shortages at the same time:)

Transition Southend Timeline

The screening of short clips from all over the world about Transition Towns was really exciting. Seeing all the projects going of in UK, NZ and Europe and talking about how far Transition Westcliff has got over the last year got us into a good mood.

We done some good group work where we discussed our what concerns we’ve got for our community, what is the vision we have for it and what actions we can take to make them real.

We also started work on the Southend Transition Timeline. The Timeline
is a tool for our Transiton Inititive and the public. With it we can
easily look into a better future and work together towards it. Come to
the events and add your vision to it.

Some ideas very thought through others funny.

Big Issue at SEEC

We’ve had the pleasure to give a presentation to SEEC students – Art and Design – few slept:) many listened and left us loads of ideas as expected – thanks for that and for the invitation.

We gave to the students on the topic of climate change and peak oil and that they are living in a different time then their grandparents and parents. A time which requires from us to face the challenges and pick up on the opportunities by transitioning to a low energy future.

It took ages to type up all their ideas but was worth with many very serious answers and also some which brought a smile to our faces – we can’t forget humor in the transition, can we?

We’ve asked the students what can be done to prevent runaway climate change, prepare us for the consequences of peak oil and set us in the direction of a more happy and localized future.

1. What can I do…

Stop leaving my hair straighteners on :)- I can recycle more-  think – more organic food – buy organic food – grow my own food – turn the lights off – stop driving everywhere: walk, cycle, bus – buy organic cotton clothing – continue doing what I do – reduce the amount of these post it notes we are using!!! – more recycling to save energy – do more recycling to save energy – recycling – walk more instead of going in the car – learn to ride a bike – walk or cycle to college – walk more places – reuse things, make my own clothing, don’t drink so much then save water – save using petrol and walk more on short journeys – walk to college – walk – get married – start growing vegetables, fruit – turn stuff off – switch of the tele istead of leaving on standby=) – turn stuff off – fight oil corporations and boycott businesses – turn my electrical items off when I leave – be encouraged to grow my own food – ride my bike everywhere more – don’t leave my TV on standby – get married and have lots of babies – walk more often – bake a cake – use a bike more, less use of car’s – go to sleep – grow vegetabables – growing food – walk more places instead of driving when it is in walking distance – buy organic fruit and veg – don’t ride my motorbike for a short journey – start caring because I am a pesimist towards global warming 😐 – walk more – cycle – save electricity by turning lights of when not needed – save paper by using one piece of paper instead of four! – I could stop leaving my hairdryer on – recycle, RECYCLE! be good, behave – exchange car travel for bike and walking – nothing – grow own food – walk more places – keep doing what I can do – I can start taking public transport – give up smoking – reduce using electric – conserve energy – walk more often, recycle, use less energy – walk to the train station instead of poncing a lift – cut down on unnecessary energy wasteage ie to many technologie stuff – stop smoking and + be green – more recycling bags at home – recycle –

2. What can Southend do…

buy more energy saving items-  start a ‘lets change climate change’ group – more organic choices in shops – more organic produce, shops, cheaper – create more cycling paths – turn of Leigh lights – organize people to take part in a piece of Art, grab people attention (public) – people to take part in big discussion or do something to grab attention – use wave power – advertise help – put more police on the beat and use less cars – import pelicans to kill the pigeons (the real polluters) – turn off light during daylights – stop leaving rubbish on the streets – fight the power – recycle – put wind turbines in the sea – have recycling bins around town – save paper – get as much oil as they can – use less transport – change petrol to chip fat oil – dunno – energy saving light bulbs – be encouraged to use our local sources instead of imported – be more energy efficient ex. lightbulbs – worship me as your lord and saviour. I shall deliver you from absolution – discuss options – recycle – encourage groups, advertise more – sort out seegull mess – sort out more programmes – reduce the communities carbon footprint – give out free bike riding courses – cycle paths – grow veg in allotments – trade locally, fruit, veg etc – trade locally again – recycle more – wind farm – more recycling bins – stop littering – be more ecofriendly – get together – everyone, recycle – trading within a community – more recycling bins- stop littering, tidy up your rubbish – southend can be more ecofriendly sumhow

3. What can the government do…

produce more non-oil reliant items – stop us using all the oil, create a new law or something – invest in solar panels – stop worrying about money, put money to good cause, give money for solar panels – educate people on being more energy efficient – be overthrown by environmentalist because they don’t care now – organizing events for public, students – concentrate on what people think and not what they think, listen to people, not so much fuel travelling and stay local, – take thire thumb out thire… – implode… – ban make up – make more bins – take over the world and force everyone not to use oil – help us!:o – organize an event for people to get involved – drop stop and roll – Ban the gov, they go on about oil but sit compfy in their CARS – use the oil while it is there – raise awareness – change petrol to cheap fat oil – stop going to war – sort out the credit crunch – listen to people’s views! – recycle more – fix global warming – ? – abolish money – improve transport – compulsory recycling- supply ours sources and put bands on imported products, work together! – actually do sth and put plan into action – advertise the issues to raise awareness – make public transport cheaper so more people will use it – fund research of non- consumer ways of travel eg not frying oil – encourage recycling, renewable energy – encourage other ways to make energy, wind farms – make things cheaper be nice, make more electric cars – make cheap bikes – become hippies – make public transport cheaper so people can is it more then cars, petrol, oil etc – grow fruit and veg in allotments  – take greenpeace more seriously, geez! – put plans into action to actually do something – actually do their job, I love Becky! woow! – make more groups around England, make more people aware – get their act together – more recycling, a must do … Everywhere –

4. One other thought…

use the oil we have left to produce non oil reliant things – gov should stop worrying about how much money they have and worry about whats going to happen to Earth in the future – don’t drive if don’t have to – small changes make big differences – cover the poles with white stuff to deflect the heat – climate change is BAD – stop making film wasting energy, actually do sth – we should all help SAVE ENERGY – Fire the Oil – knowledge is the key, spread the word, – limit the amount of time people use cars a week using tokens in cars, use more efficient cars, NO BIG CARS!, celebs don’t fly so much!!! – we may as well live life to the full, climate change will occur anyway – solar power lights in dark building – hypotenus – I keep imaging myself in bed with other men, is that normal:) – save our world, save energy!:) – stop leaving lights on – its too late, people won’t change, might as well enjoy life now while we can – come up with exciting ways to save energy! – let the people get what they deserve. I am too good for this world – global warming doesn’t exist – use less paper – use less paper, one post it instead of 4!!- how much energy did it use to create and give this presentation? – get over it – don’t give 300 students 4 post it notes each 😉 – I like cheese – buy local, fresh produce – stop using oil so much in so many products – don’t worry.. be happy coz…every little thing.. is gonna be alright!!:) – go back in time – greedy corportations are to blame – welcome to the space olympics – donate land for projects or just to try and stop houses being built – things on to do list, buy a bike – make people more aware – promote walking and skating – I wanna go for a swim – save the mice – make new homes eco friendly by adding solar powered cells – make it cheaper to buy healthier foods, this will prevent more littering of fast food packaging etc- more people to buy organic food and veg – start growing own fruit and veg, recycling – SAVE THE WORLD! – don’t eat yellow snow – start growing food and veg – save the trees and chpmunks, E. Rocks:) –

‘Permaculture – A Beginners Guide’ book signing event, Southend Library, Sat 28th March

Permaculture a Beginners Guide by Graham Burnett



Date; 28th March 2009

At; Southend Central Library, Victoria Avenue, Southend on Sea

About the book; What is Permaculture? Why do we need Permaculture? What are Permaculture ethics and the principles of working with nature’s patterns? What are the Basics of the Permaculture design process? What are concepts such as Zones, sectors, edge, stacking and succession, and how they can work for us? How can you use Permaculture practically in your life, home, garden, land or community, whatever your situation? Plus Practical tips, including; reading your land, saving energy, year round food from your garden and how to use your weeds….

About the author; Westcliff based author and illustrator Graham Burnett is a co-founder of Transition Westcliff, a project exploring what low carbon life will be like after the age of cheap oil. He is also Trustee of the Permaculture Association (Britain) and holds the Diploma in Permaculture Design. He has run introductory and full design courses since 1998 with organisations and projects including Naturewise, OrganicLea, Green Adventure, the Vegan Organic Network, Thrive, Transition Town Brixton, Birmingham Decoy and Ars Terra in Los Angeles. He writes for publications as diverse as Permaculture Magazine, The Raven, Growing Green, The Vegan and The Idler.

For more information see www.spiralseed.co.uk/flyer


Apple juice for life

Apples last only that long. When UK supplies are finished the apples have to be imported from abroad causing carbon emissions and preventing the local economy benefiting from peoples desire for their taste.

One of the ways to preserve your apples is to turn them into juice, bottle pasteurise and store. How many of us though keep the apple juice press in the cupboard?

That is the service Nigel at Hill Holme Juices offers. I had a long chat with him and he explained his business model to me. Back when he was working in Germany he was surprised by how cheap the juices were at farmers markets. The way it worked was the farmers brought the apples in carts to the large fruit juice pressing cooperative collection points. The apples were weighed and inspected, a deal was struck and the farmer would take payment in bottled apple juice, which he could then sell at the local markets.

Nigel business, though much smaller, works in a similar way. Harvest your apples, take them to him to be pressed and bottled. If you have more then you can handle you could leave some for Nigel and get a discount. With Nigel’s system the batch sizes can be tailored to ensure that only your apples are in your juice. Pasteurising ensures a shelf life of 18 months, so you can store up for winter, you might save money, you support the local economy by sourcing your apples locally and getting them prepared by a local business and cut carbon emissions from international transport.

You’ll soon have a chance to try his diverse juices. He is interested in the work we do and offered to come to our events, maybe give a talk and set up his stand.

He is looking for groups, places and events where he could present the juices so get in contact with him and you’re group could enjoy their taste too.

Nigel Lane 0621 891304 Hillholmejuice@live.co.uk www.hillholmejuice.co.uk

Sack Growing and keyhole gardens

This free demonstration will include how to construct and maintain both keyhole kitchen gardens and sack gardens showing how easy and sustainable these methods are, and how small spaces can be used effectively.
Monday 2nd – Saturday 7th March 2009 10 am – 5 pm
At: Lindisfarne Florist (near Chalkwell Hall Schools, 935 London Road, Leigh on Sea SS9 3LQ
Tel 01702 471157
Advice, information and kits to make the gardens will be available at the venue. Fur further information please call: 01702 479031
This is organised by Cicely Morris, who is the South Essex Ambassador for Send A Cow, a charity that is successfully solving poverty in Africa by practical gardening methods, upheld by teaching and support. Send A Cow are also in the UK encouraging people to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Scrumping – do you know a lonely fruit tree?

Have you seen fruit or nuts lying around in yours, maybe the neighbours garden or in some public space? Apples, pears, plums etc just rotting on the ground while they could be gathered up and made into some delicacies by those who need them? Don’t have time to pick them up or there are just too many in your garden. Get in contact with us. We will gather up the fruit and leave you a fair share to enjoy:)

We don’t know yet what exactly we’ll do with them. Share your ideas. Maybe distribute the bounty among charitable projects or schools and nurseries promoting healthy eating?

Why waste if it can taste? Other succesfull Scrumping projects: London Sheffield Manchester Toronto Powell River Fruit Tree Project Portland Why waste if it can taste?


Add Southend’s fruit trees and food sources

Edible Garden Crawl

Don’t have an allotment but thinking about starting work on your back garden? What to grow and how? Do you want to see local back gardens in bloom full of veg and fruit? We want to!

Join us as we will go around local back gardens and see what is being grown there and how. Get inspired by the variety grown in small spaces with diverse methods maybe even on your own street. Ask questions and learn. If you want to help get in contact, open your garden to us or volunteer to help with the guided tours. Planned for summer. Map mind over here.