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CSV Make A Difference Day

Southend in Transition Vision 2030

The disrupting effects of peak oil and climate change created a lot of tension within the community between 2010-2015. Prices of food, petrol, materials went up, businesses failed and unemployment soared. Every locality was affected differently but what made a huge difference was how strong the community was.

People in Southend were working and investing in their community for a long time through community projects and volunteering so when the twin crisis hit in, the social capital helped them cope and thrive.

People know their neighbours now and know they can ask for help and offer help. This reduced crime incidents too and people feel safer in Southend then they did in 2009. There are regular festivals and street parties making the general mood quite positive and pleasant. People use their skills to create more projects and social enterprises which strengthen the community keeping the money circulating locally and skilling people up. Southend changed the culture of work too. Unemployment is something of a historical term as people have many ways now to support themselves in a strong local economy either by growing food, making things or working in their local workshops and cooperatives on cutting-edge design and production facilities and exchanging their time, skills, knowledge and resources through timebanks and barter systems. The old Job Centre was transformed into a buzzing ICSE Centre (standing for Innovation, Creativity and Social Enterprise) as the people wanted more meaningful jobs and moved beyond merely searching for them – they needed a place where they could design them themselves with like minded collaborators.

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