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SEEOG – September Newsletter




SEEOG July Poster


Talk at Growing Together Westcliff on Monday 18 July 2016 at 8pm.

See the July poster SEEOG for more information.

[SE Essex Organic Gardeners] SE Essex Organic Gardeners would love you to join…‏

SE Essex Organic Gardeners would love you to join them at their next meeting on Monday 16 May at Growing Together Westcliff at 8.00pm.

Nick Mole, PAN UK’s UK Policy Officer, will be talking about the pesticide-free towns and cities movement across the world and how communities are working to help pollinators in the face of government inaction. Nick is running their pesticide-free towns campaign and is on top of the subject

Growing Together Westcliff is situated on the corner of Fairfax Drive and Prittlewell Chase. Please use the entrance in Prittlewell Chase, Westcliff-on-Sea, SS0 9AG.

Non-members £2.00 – you are most welcome!

Every year large amounts of toxic pesticides are used in the streets, parks, schools and open spaces of our towns and cities. But it doesn’t have to be this way ……….
Visit the facebook page for additional information.

Permaculture Magazine – Update

permaculture magazine

So about 4 weeks ago I was approached by Focal Point, one of the most prestigious art galleries in the South Essex region, and asked if I could build ‘an indoor permaculture garden’ as part of the installation of ‘The Peculiar People’, an upcoming exhibition on ‘Radical Essex’…. “Sure no problem”, says I, with fingers crossed behind my back and already working over-capacity with all the other projects and courses I’ve got on the go… So with plenty of blagging, scrounging, solutions thinking, googling, creative collaboration with Project 49 (a local hub for adults with learning disabilities where I work part time) and lots of co-operation and communication with the Focal Point tech team, we created a series of self-watering containers full of tomatos, squashes, chard, basil, peppers and other herbs in time for the grand opening night, which for the next 4 months will be on display to the public in the gallery window… Considering the time frame involved, minimal costs (for the plastic containers, soil and plants mostly) and the general air of ‘winging it’, I think it looks pretty cool, and it’s a bit of an honour to be displaying work alongside the likes of Penny Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher of Crass, Colin Ward, Eduardo Paolozzi, Allen Sorrell, Orthona Community to name but a few! And if it inspires passers by and visitors to maybe start to grow a few of their own healthy veggies in their own gardens and balconies, that’s got to be a good thing too! I’m also thinking in terms of this being a bit of a prototype for something more planned and ambitious next year… Who’s for a pop-up allotment in the Forum square and a containerised orchard in Victoria Circus??? Maybe even Hundertwasser style vertical gardening up the sides of the Civic Centre???

.More information on the facebook page

SEEOG’s May poster‏

SEEOG May poster


Intro to Permaculture – Free OSU Permaculture Course | Open Oregon State | Online Educational Resources (OER)‏

Learn Permaculture Design for Free

Intro to Permaculture

Starts: May 2, 2016
Ends: May 30, 2016
Cost: Free

Visit the website for further information and to register your place today.

Permaculture design is a method of landscape planning that can be applied to anything, from a home garden or farm to a city block or entire village. This free permaculture course uses design principles from nature itself and takes into account such things as how indigenous people used the land; how water, fire and wind flow through the land; and how soil, water, vegetation, buildings and habitats can be managed in a stable and enduring way.

A multidisciplinary approach

Permaculture design is an ethically based, whole-systems design approach to create sustainable human settlements and institutions. Although rooted in horticulture and agriculture, permaculture design also touches on regional planning, ecology, animal husbandry, technology, architecture and international development.

Learning outcomes

In this free permaculture course, you will learn about the process, ethics and principles of permaculture design while diving into climate-specific design elements through interactive technology, videos, graphics, and readings. The course is designed to benefit everyone regardless of your learning style, time commitments or available technology.

Students who complete all course activities should expect to spend between two to four hours each week on course work.

Last chance to see this, plus 2 other gifts…

Hi, this is Geoff.

It’s been a while since I last reached out, so I’d love to share with you 3 of the things that have been keeping me busy.

FIRST, permaculture is BOOMING. I’ve been at it for more than 30 years, and even I get dizzy with the sheer variety of things happening. So I’ve decided to put together a short, bullet-point list of the 5 most fascinating things happening across the permaculture world, climate change, off-grid-living, beyond organic and similar things. Once-a-week, 9 am EST, 5 bullet-points, 3 minutes to read. A short, sweet, and fascinating way to welcome your weekend. Interested? Sign up here: http://start.geofflawtononline.com/friday-newsletter/

SECOND, my team and I launched a new website (just this week!) And to celebrate, I handpicked 9 videos to create a mini-course that walks you through the what, why, and how of permaculture. 6 ½ hours, including some NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage of the “Greening the Desert Sequel Site.” Also 100% free. Sign up here: http://www.geofflawtononline.com/

FINALLY: Four times a year, we open up Zaytuna Farm to the public and invite everyone to come experience off-grid living. If you can’t make it to this little patch of paradise near the Gold Coast, here’s the next best thing: An all-new, 45-minute video where I pull back the curtain about how the magic happens, from top to bottom. Everything laid bare for you to benefit from, replicate, and exceed.

This was prepared for Marjory Wildcraft’s “Home Grown Food Summit.” You can click below to watch my video and 7 other well-done Summit presentations for free for less than 24 hours (9 am EST, Wednesday) before they close free access.

Click to watch my free presentation


Your friend,


Feel free to enjoy any one of these 3….or grab all 3 🙂

  1. Friday’s Fascinating 5” (I need a better name for this :)),

  2. 9 part, 6 ½ hour  “Permaculture Intro” video course,

  3. 45 minute behind-the-scenes presentation, available only for about 24 hours, here

ALL 100% FREE. My gifts to you for allowing me to share this incredible knowledge…

Open Day – Eastern Avenue Allotment Site

eastern ave allotment site

Monday May 2

10am – 4pm

Visit the facebook page for further information.

Southend in Transition Community Plot Update

Hi there fans and friends of https://sitcommunityallotment.wordpress.com
We had our first plot visit this year and got a cunning plan of making it even better place to meet new people, enjoy nature and growing fresh, mood and immune boosting food.
Please see dates for Taster dates open to new people below. Just come in for a cup of tea and piece of cake to see the plot and decide then if it is something you want to get involved with. Bring a friend of family. We have a core group of growers so if you want to pop in now and again that’s just right.
This year we have our original plot to work on and are looking at working on a Family Plot so if you are in a blessed state, have that newborn or toddler please let us know so we can check some ideas with you what would make it an ideal place for you to bring your family to.
Taster days 2nd Sat and 4th Sun of the month, between 10-14, newcomers welcome:
Sun 28/02 Spring Clean- clean out the greenhouse, weed the beds and paths, mow the grass, turn out the compost bins and mulch
Sat 12/03 Soil preparation – Soil testing – Soil improvement
Sun 27/03 Last of winter harvest and lunch – making seed bombs
Sat 9/04 Seed, weed, read – Seed Swap and Spring poetry
Sun 24/04 Plant and rant – take a pot home
Sat 14/05 Seed and more weed – Make a of a bug hotel and take home
Transition Drinks – Transition Drinks – 25/02, 31/03, 28/04 last Thursday of every month, 19:00, Olde Trout Pub
Save my mobile and see you there.
What you can do now:
1. visit the plot Map for a Taster
2. forward to friends
3. if you have any tools, seeds, allotment stuff etc drop it off or let me know if you need it picked up. Thanks in advance.
4. have a look at recent pictures
5. suggest what events and activities would you like to see
Kind Regards

Kamil Pachalko

Local action
www.SouthendinTransition.org.uk and on Facebook

Putting on a ‘Three Acres And A Cow’ show ‘co-promoted’ by SEEOG: Saturday 21 May


I am aware of ‘overload’ now but there are quite a few things coming along that can’t wait for the newsletter.

Please do put this date in your diary – there will be more detail later.

It will be in the Fisherman’s Chapel, Leigh-on-Sea.

It will be a co-promoted event between Squeezebox Folk and SEEOG, which woudl frame the event nicely and mean that it would get out to a wide range of people in the area between our two networks.

What is proposed at the moment is a simple shared meal made from as much local produce as possible… think a seasonal soup/stew an d bread type affair… the kitchen at the Fishersman’s Chapel and downstairs room could accommodate that nicely before heading upstairs for the show…

Potential timings:

6.15 - doors and simple shared meal
7.00 - show
8.15 - interval
8.40 - 2nd half
10.00 - end of show