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Southend Soup: Community micro-funding

southend soup

March soup is our 10th soup! How should we celebrate?https://southendsoup.wordpress.com/soup-dates/

Soup dates

Forthcoming soups:

10) Sunday 20th March, Spring Soup at Ekco Social Club, 2pm – 5pm

11) Sunday 22nd May, Cricket Soup at Southendians Club, 3pm – 6pm

12) Saturday 2nd July, Volunteer Special Soup at SAVS, 1pm – 4pm

13) Sunday 4th September, Autumn Soup at Leigh Community Centre, 3pm – 6pm

Get submitting, get booking and TELL YOUR FRIENDS! (Especially tell any neighbours that might get much company.)  

Visit the facebook page for more information.

702 Fest – Food Bank Benefit Show

Saturday 2 July 2016 at 18:00


In association with the local Trussell Trust food bank, Southend Food Bank.

We are doing something different with this. Entry to the show will cost you THREE or more (no less) items of tinned and packaged food that will be donated to Southend Food Bank.

A list of preferred items will be shared in this event nearer the time as I have been advised they have high stocks of certain things.

They have offered to have a representative at the show which we are hopeful will happen.

Info on the charity is here http://southend.foodbank.org.uk/

Thanks to all of the below bands to have agreed to play the show for free. Maybe we can all have a whip around at the end of the show to throw the 2 travelling bands some petrol money.


Curbstomp SCBD


Judged By Blood


Beer Money

Pure Rage


Visit the facebook page for further information.

SEFFA ex-commercial hens requiring a new home


SEFFA has a few hundred ex-commercial hens needing a forever home to escape the slaughter house. These were free range organic hens could do with a new home for xmas. Minimum donation per hen £5. Please reserve now to save these babes and avoid disappointment. Collection date will be announced as soon as we have a few hundred reserved.

Thank you (Essex, Basildon Collection Point only).

Please see the facebook page for more information.

Organic Vegetable Growing Course

Southend in Transition Vision 2030

Resilient Southend – Food and Reskilling

As crop yields were strongly affected by climate disruption and high oil prices hit farmers around the world making imported food costly the population had to relearn how to grow some of their own food. Some people took the chance and made a career out of that – starting up local market gardens and offering their skills to people who needed help with learning how to grow food. UK farmers who early on changed their ways of working to incorporate organic and permaculture principles became competetive again supplying nearby towns and cities. All in all the local economies became stronger as the money circulated mainly locally. Doctors reported that people are healthier with levels of obesity very much below those of 2009 and diabetes in children became a rareity again thanks to the fresh, organic and seasonal produce available. The favourite programme on TV was the X Veg Factor and you could overhear that the heated talk in the local pub -The Cricketers was about to dig or not to dig.

A step in the right direction.

Click to enlarge

What else could happen to bring us closer to a resilient Southend of 2030? Share in the comments.


While on a visit to some friends who – what a coincidence:) – are members of Transition (Stour) Valley we’ve met Chris from Clacton whose projects are certainly worth looking at. He transformed his home and garden to be as self-sufficient as possible and offers to share his skills and experience. You can visit him (by appointment) for a sneak peek or for longer as a working or paying guest.

Their next open weekend there as part of the Heritage Open Days in Clacton is on the September 12th and 13th.

193 Burrs Rd
Clacton-on-sea CO15 4LN


Thanks to funding from Turning Tides, we are able to offer a FREE Window Box Planting event to brighten up our area!

Come along on Saturday 11th July, 10 am – 12 pm at St Mark’s Centre, Princes Street, Westcliff and plant up a free window box or pot to take home, filled with growing salad, herbs and edible flowers!
Please text Eleanor in 07748 583418 to register your attendance, giving your name, number of people coming and the ages of any children that will be attending.
In association with Milton Community Partnership and Transition Westcliff

Swine Flu – Another reason for building resilience?

Over at Transition Wigan they have an interesting post about the swine flu and local resilience. Have a read and put Southend on Sea in place of Wigan – share your ideas in the comments.

Courses – Intro to Permaculture and Earth Healing

1. If you can’t make the  Introduction to Permaculture Design weekend run by Transition Westcliff members Graham Burnett and Ron Bates, another course is being run by Marina O’Connell at the Apricot Centre nr Manningtree 01206 230425). 25th & 26th April This will be a good introduction to Permaculture leading onto a planned Permaculture Design Course to be run by Marina and Spencer Christy near Maldon. What is Permaculture? Permaculture is about creating sustainable human habitats by following nature’s patterns. An ecological design system that inspires and empowers us to create our own solutions to local and global problems, it provides ways to design and create healthy productive places to work, rest and play. (Taken from http://www.permaculture.org.uk)

2. Earth Healing – Process Work, Deep Ecology, and the Role of the Earth in Healing Trauma, Depression, and Sexuality with Gary Reiss (PhD) from Eugene Oregon. at the Apricot Centre nr Manningtree 01206 230425) 27-29 November. If you are interested in resilience and how to work with Trauma this may be a good seminar for you. The Earth is there for us as a source of healing and nourishment if we know how to open to Her. We also need to be there for Her, as she has suffered from our neglect and abuse. Our relationship with the earth can help us in healing trauma; connect us to earth based sensuality and earth based spirituality. Gary Reiss Ph.D http://www.garyreiss.com Has taught and practiced Process Work for 28 years worldwide. Specialities include Mid East, family therapy, comawork, addiction work, and anger problems. Thanks Mark O’Connell

Southend YMCA veg patch

more and more people and groups in Southend are understanding the importance and benefits of growing their own veg, one example below and more coming

Apple juice for life

Apples last only that long. When UK supplies are finished the apples have to be imported from abroad causing carbon emissions and preventing the local economy benefiting from peoples desire for their taste.

One of the ways to preserve your apples is to turn them into juice, bottle pasteurise and store. How many of us though keep the apple juice press in the cupboard?

That is the service Nigel at Hill Holme Juices offers. I had a long chat with him and he explained his business model to me. Back when he was working in Germany he was surprised by how cheap the juices were at farmers markets. The way it worked was the farmers brought the apples in carts to the large fruit juice pressing cooperative collection points. The apples were weighed and inspected, a deal was struck and the farmer would take payment in bottled apple juice, which he could then sell at the local markets.

Nigel business, though much smaller, works in a similar way. Harvest your apples, take them to him to be pressed and bottled. If you have more then you can handle you could leave some for Nigel and get a discount. With Nigel’s system the batch sizes can be tailored to ensure that only your apples are in your juice. Pasteurising ensures a shelf life of 18 months, so you can store up for winter, you might save money, you support the local economy by sourcing your apples locally and getting them prepared by a local business and cut carbon emissions from international transport.

You’ll soon have a chance to try his diverse juices. He is interested in the work we do and offered to come to our events, maybe give a talk and set up his stand.

He is looking for groups, places and events where he could present the juices so get in contact with him and you’re group could enjoy their taste too.

Nigel Lane 0621 891304 Hillholmejuice@live.co.uk www.hillholmejuice.co.uk