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Tips on marketing your activities as a small community group

We run our own small charity and know how difficult it can be sometimes to recruit and retain members with limited resources and time which seems always filled with other things.
A few things which worked for us are:
1.  running a blog with short posts from each event we do with lots of pictures so we don’t have to write to much:) and people don’t have much to read anyway. We take pictures with smartphones but a digital camera will do. You can be more advanced and not even have to sit down to a computer and post to the blog directly from the mobile application or by sending an email to the blog which then posts the text and pictures directly.
2. We then use the link to the posts in biweekly emails announcing the next event. We find some people don’t remember about events otherwise in their busy lives and it helps keep us in their mind. Sometimes it is just not the right time in someones live but if we stay in touch – as we gather emails of those who were in touch with us and add them to the contacts list – they join us at a later date because we did not give up on the.

3. The blog posts are automatically uploaded to the organisations/projects Facebook Page so we reach people who use Facebook more nowadays.

4. We share the update from the Facebook Page to Facebook groups and pages which are relevant to our area of work and also more general to Southend ie. Southend on Sea Events etc.

5. People can sign up for our email updates without having to be members which expands our network and these supporters often share our events with their networks which attracts new people who might want to become members.

6. Using the smartphone and google mail to organise contacts and send a regular text to supporters for free. See link to case study here


That seems to do the trick as each event brings new faces and replaces those who cannot come anymore or lost interest and keeps those which we are in touch with interested and aware of our ongoing presence.
If you are running your own small project or intend to set one up and needs some help or a short training for yourselves or your team get in touch with us. Happy to do a swap or work on a donations basis for the time we invest.
Happy community organising to  you and looking forward to see you thrive.
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