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PRESS RELEASE: First for UK care home‏

cakes (2).jpg

PRESS RELEASE:  For immediate release                       For further information contact Jill Poet 01702 468387, jill@orbuk.org


UK first for Southend Care Home.

Cedar Lodge in Southend is a small residential care home for adults with learning difficulties. Not only is it the first care home in the UK to achieve the Responsible Business Standard, but it did so at the highest Gold level. At a time when the care industry receives more complaints then praise, this certification is a reminder that some care homes do indeed provide a first class service in looking after the most vulnerable in our society.

Delighted care home owner and manager Bronwyn Oldham arranged a special tea party for residents and their families to celebrate the great achievement. Residents were delighted to show off the certificate – and also the beautiful sponge cake they had all helped to bake!

Bronwyn Oldham and residents (2)

The Responsible Business Standard, available at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, is a national certification designed specifically for smaller businesses from any sector. It helps businesses demonstrate to all stakeholders that they operate to very high standards.  Auditor Sadie Hopson said:

“The organisation that developed this standard defines a responsible business as one that operates efficiently and ethically; meets and exceeds legislation; and always considers its impact on people (the workforce, customers and suppliers, the community and society at large) and the environment.”

“We appreciate that small businesses vary tremendously and so we don’t set one size fits all requirements: we work to a system we call ASTI – Appropriate for the Size, Type and Impact of the business. Clearly companies must be compliant in all areas, but the audit certainly isn’t a tick box exercise. Most importantly, we believe that responsible businesses embed ethics and values at the very core of their company and that culture should permeate right through every aspect of their operations.”

“It was an absolute delight to audit Cedar Lodge: not only were their operating standards very high, but it was very clear that Bronwyn and her team care deeply about their service users and work tirelessly to provide them with the best possible outcomes.”


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  • Photos show: Bronwyn Oldham and 6 residents with the Responsible Business Standard certificate; cakes ready for the tea party, with the sponge baked by the residents taking centre stage.
  • Cedar Lodge, based in Westbury Road Southend, is a residential care home for adults with learning difficulties. It currently has eight residents. Bronwyn Oldham is the managing director, joint owner with her parents, and a hands-on manager. The home last had a CQC (Care Quality Commission) audit in April 2014 when it was deemed adequate in all areas. The next CQC audit is imminent and this time it will be assessed in line with the new traffic light rating system. For more information about Cedar Lodge contact Bronwyn Oldham on 301652 or e-mail bronwynoldham@hotmail.co.uk.
  • Cedar Lodge is not only the first care home in the UK to achieve the Responsible Business Standard, it is the first company in Southend.
  • The Responsible Business Standard has been developed by the Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB) and validated by Anglia Ruskin University. ORB is based in Southend with trained and licensed auditors operating across the UK: Sadie Hopson is one of the auditors. For more information about ORB or the Responsible Business Standard contact ORB’s managing director Jill Poet on 01702 468387, email jill@orbuk.org; or visit www.orbuk.org.uk and www.responsiblebusinessstandard.org.uk.


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