Southend in Transition Food Co-operative

The ideas is to provide cheap, good quality food, produced as locally as possible to reduce energy use in the food production chain and to avoid waste locally, hopefully resulting in behaviour change locally to further reduce energy use and waste.

Essentially, this would be a social enterprise / community supermarket that provides good quality and fresh food from local producers, as well as a using collective bargaining to buy in a range of other food products, sourced as local as possible, at a price that is affordable.


Ian has set up a pledge page on so people can pledge an amount towards the costs of setting one up. Please check it out.

Working Group

Meet with us on the Saturday 5th of May 12-15. We will combine the usual potluck at Growing Together gardens at Fairfax Drive with a planning session for the SiT Food Coop. We will start a working group going which will afterwards continue to meet up driving the set up of the Food Coop.

As a Coop it will enable members to shape the future of local food in Southend and we need your ideas, time and skills to make it happen so you are very welcome.

Get in touch

There is an ongoing discussion on Facebook and we also have a number of backers who pledge money to support the Food Coop but if you are interested to be kept up to date with the developments or get involved in the working group please get in touch.

Examples of other projects:

Stroudco Food Hub


Bucky Box

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