Green Reads, Summer 2010

Southend Libraries have shed-loads of gardening and cookery books. Download the list for summer here.

Try these titles or visit the full catalogue at

Some of Examples below:

“Allotment Gardening for Dummies” by Sven Wombwell is a new book packed with great tips
to help you plan your allotment. Included are sections on how to revive a tired plot, effective
composting, simple and safe projects for kids and a handy crop calendar to help you decide the
best time to grow your own produce. From the “Dummies” series, there are handy free Cheat
Sheets online at

“New Urban Farmer” by food writer and professional cook Celia Brookes Brown is an inspiring
journal, gardening manual and cookery book rolled into one. Great photos, compliment the tasty
recipes set to tempt even the most jaded “townie”. Dip into this delightful read or visit for more menus and gardening ideas.

“How to Store Your Garden Produce”
by Piers Warren is a modern guide to storing and
preserving your crops, enabling you to eat home grown-produce all year round. All the main
methods are clearly explained; Clamping, Freezing, Drying, Vacuum-packing, Salting, Bottling etc.
Also included are recipes for pickles, jams, jellies, fruit butters, cheeses and fermenting (brewing)
your own. Save money, cut down on packaging and reduce food miles.

Simon Wallace, Southend Libraries, July 2010

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