The Green Heart of Essex – Braintree

A new campaign over at our neighbours:)

From the website.

The Green Heart of Essex is an ambitious campaign to transform
the district of Braintree into one of the cleanest and greenest in
the country.

So many people across the district already do so much to look
after our district, be it individually or through their parish
council, work place, school, college or local groups.  This is
our way of applauding that effort and showing our own commitment to
ensuring the district is a place that we can all be proud of.

The overwhelming message we have been hearing from local people
is that they love living in such a pleasant, rural district and
value the countryside around them.  Yet they also want to see
more done to keep the district in tip top condition.

The campaign encompasses environmental action such as tree
planting, regenerating play areas, improving parks and open
spaces.  Central to it is an intensive action plan to clean up
the district and keep it clean and tidy.

Good luck and maybe we will see a Transition Group springing up? If you want additional information how t set one up check or email Southend in Transition.

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