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Southend Food Growers (and producers)

For all Southend allotmentiers, back garden food producers, windowsill
herb growers, container gardeners, community food projects, chicken
keepers, beekeepers, local farmers, home jam makers, local food businesses, restaurants using local/organic produce etc

Join the 74 people on Facebook

Look around and you’ll find that Southend has a thriving food scene.

group will help connect the people involved and celebrate tasty,
healthy, local food – grown, picked, produced, cooked and eaten in

Producing food in a sustainable way could be
Southend’s answer to the challenges of climate change, peak oil and the
casino – style economy reducing our carbon emissions and dependency on
oil imports, building a local food economy with new jobs and
opportunities and contribute to general health and wellbeing.

How this project could work out in the future:
Phase One:
-connect the local food growers, food lovers, food activists and food producers
Phase Two:
-people could meet up and start working on ongoing projects or start new ones
Phase Three:
a Southend Food Network and working on a Sustainable Food Strategy for
Southend following the example of

Your ideas and involvement are welcome and needed.

Roles to be filled:
this group who could post updates on local food matters – if you are
involved in a local food project or want to keep others up to date
please send me a message
-officers-to send updates to the group on what to grow at what time, who could advise amateur food growers etc

Actions to do
– forward the link to this group to your friends and networks
– spread the word

Partner organizations, projects and businesses:
Southend in Transition
…get your group up here

One Response

  1. We (S E Essex Women’s Environmental Network) are in the early stages of planning a day to celebrate World Food Day on October 16 2010. The day will be the first of three events being planned by the WEN National Food Co-ordinator – the others will be in Yarmouth & Ipswich.
    We’d like to involve anyone interested in food (growing it, cooking it, eating it!!) – All ideas, support, help, welcomed!
    We are getting together on Sunday 25th April for a planning meeting when we will need to decide on the venue and programme.
    If you’d like to be involved please phone Carol on 01702 342148

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