Community Garden Work Day at St. Marks

What a good time we had on Monday!
I can’t believe how much got done really. Home Base kindly gave us 3 bags compost, some potatoes, and 3 fruit pushes as well as an assortment of paint.

We made bead and wire creatures which we’ve planted on pea sticks among the plants.

we swept cleared and tidied the area and got rid of junk.

We planned and started the painting of the mural in the back garden – the children chose to have a river, with a rainbow and pot of gold, a butterfly, rabbit, horse, lion, ladybird and lizard. oh and some rain and sun.

We planted some potatoes, spinach, radish and the fruit.

We drew and coloured thank you pictures for Home Base.

We picnicked and giggled and enjoyed ourselves.

Some of us ran around and played from time to time.

So a fab time invliving adults and children, and we’ve made a good start on the community garden.

We’ll have another day in the Spring I think.



The project started with the Introduction To Permaculture Course
and now the group keeps in touch at the Southend Permaculture Google Group.

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