Using Earth-based Awareness And Process Oriented Skills To Facilitate Conflict, Power, RankAnd Diversity For The Wellbeing And Resilience Of Groups And Communities In Transition

Process Work (Dr Arnold Mindell) now emphasises Earth-based awareness work for working on social and ecological issues.
This approach to social and environmental problems helps us to move beyond traditional polarisations, bringing us in touch
with a place of Deep Democracy from which complex difficulties can be addressed. Process Work brings together the outerwork
of social activism with the innerwork of psychology and meditation, grounding it in our connection with the sentient earth. An
aim might be ‘how to be at home within ourselves while finding home and community on the earth’.

Friday 14th (7.30 – 9.30pm) – Saturday
15th (10- 5) Sunday (10- 4pm) 16th May
at Bowden House, Totnes

A seminar for those interested in ‘resilient community’ & the interface between Process Work and the Transition Movement; wanting to discover a sense of ‘home’ (ecos) while seeking sustainable change and solutions. 

for more information see here.

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