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SEEOG March Newsletter

South East Essex Organic Gardeners March Newsletter is out!

Some highlights below.

Our venue is St. David’s Church Hall, 400 Rayleigh Road, Eastwood (off The Rodings) at 8.15pm. Please let us know if you would like to help us with any of our events, as we rely on your help to make them a success and not a challenge! For instance, In March we need one or two kind members to help Robert Wiseman with the Rettendon seminar, as with the Canvey seminar in May, the Westcliff seminar in June, the Rochford seminar in July and the South Woodham seminar in November.
We very much hope our minibus trip to the Potato Day will be a sell-out this year, as well as our coach to Brogdale in July.
We are also planning a visit to Hilltop Farm in Benfleet (to be arranged with Mo Perkins before 18 May) and are contemplating another to the Purleigh Wine Festival on Sunday 5 September.

Monday 15 March – William Tyler presents Dig for Victory

During World War 2, when things were tight and self sufficiency and recycling were the keys to a better quality of daily life, the war department and the Ministry of Food applied great imagination to supporting and encouraging efforts on the home front.  The foundation stone of the combined effort was the famous ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign to promote the home production of fruit and vegetables. Guidance leaflets and books were issued on a wide range of topics covering the growing and cooking of every imaginable thing. The imaginative innovators conjured uncomplicated and tasty meals for every occasion from simple ingredients. The standard bearers for the campaign, were a pair of cartoon characters,’ Potato Pete and Dr Carrot’ and the jewel in the crown of their promotion was Potato Pete’s recipe book.
Lovingly restored by the Dundry Nurseries & Garden Centre in Cheltenham, Potato Pete’s recipe book has been re-launched, in its original format, as invaluable and relevant today as ever it was. They resisted the opportunity to upgrade the book, to pull in colour pictures or introduce modern ingredients. Rather bizzarely, Chris Evans said he was able to take the copyright on the book, just by asking, as it had been just a wartime publication that no one at the Ministry seemed bothered about. He has very kindly sent us a complimentary copy. Should we suddenly find a big interest from our members, he would like to send us some at trade price. He said Dundry Nurseries have strong connections with their local organic group, the Gloucestershire Organic Gardening Group and he sends his best wishes to us.

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