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What A Way To Go – Life At The End Of Empire : Public Screening

Date:     Friday, November 27, 2009
Time:    7:00pm – 10:30pm
Location:     YMCA ETC Shop (next to Slug and Lettuce), 4a Southchurch Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2NE

This is how you can support this event:

1) tell your friends about it and then bring them with you

2) forward it to your friends, Twitter it etc

3) visit the Facebook Event Page and use the “Invite People to Come” and “Share” button

4) print the poster or leaflet and put it up in a nice place at work, school, community center, church etc

leaflet A5


Thanks for that!


Southend in Transition and a number of concerned local individuals have arranged a free screening of the most powerful and accurate movie about the modern global condition ever made. “What a Way to Go – Life at the End of Empire” will be shown in Southend-on-Sea on 27th November at 19:00.The venue is easily reached by mainline train from London Liverpool Street, Shenfield and Fenchurch Street.


NB: The film contains some strong language. Because of its intense nature, breaks will be provided between the four sections.

What A Way To Go is a critical film at a critical time in the evolution of humanity. The survival of our species, and the future of our only home is in jeopardy, and things will only get worse if we do not change the direction we are going.

Tim Bennett, writer and director says: “After long decades of activism and effort, planetary ecosystems are closer to collapse than they have ever been. I can think of three basic reasons for this. First, we have largely failed to look at the whole thing at once. Second, we’ve refrained from deeply feeling our predicament. And third, we haven’t been asking the right questions of the right people.”

“What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire is an attempt to fill in these missing pieces. By looking at as much of the whole as we can, by creating a feeling experience of that whole, and by asking the deep questions of culture, psychology and spirit that lie at the root of our situation, it is our intention that What a Way to Go will break through the denial that has us locked in inaction.”

“There is no one right way for anything to live.”
Daniel Quinn


A number of local groups and individuals are supporting the event, in order to bring people with as wide a range of relevant interests and ideas along as possible. Descriptions of the groups are posted below:


Spiralseed is an independent publishing and educational company founded in 2001. Our publications include books, pamphlets and DVDs about permaculture, veganism, human ecology and organic gardening. We also run regular Permaculture courses and workshops and offer sustainable and ecological design consultancy. More information at http://www.spiralseed.co.uk

Time’s Up! An Uncivilized Solution To A Global Crisis

Keith Farnish is the author of “Time’s Up! An Uncivilized Solution to a Global Crisis”, a book which encompasses a great deal of the narrative of What A Way To Go, and then goes on to provide a workable, if radical solution to the ecological and social crisis created by Industrial Civilisation. The book is available free online via http://www.amatterofscale.com

S E Essex Organic Gardeners

It is now recognised that, in the face of the destruction of our countryside by chemical pesticides, British wildlife finds a safe haven in our gardens. It was to encourage the development of organic, healthy, non-toxic, gardening that South East Essex Organic Gardeners was set up in 1994 and they are now a thriving group with bi-monthly meetings, a regular newsletter and visits to a wide variety of organic farms and gardens. http://www.seeog.org.uk

S E Essex Women’s Environmental Network

WEN, the only organisation in the UK working consistently for women and the environment, has a vision of a world where women are aware of their ability to change the environment for the better and actively come together to do so. We run a local community food-growing project in Leigh and are in the process of setting up a personal carbon-counting group. http://www.seewen.org.uk

S E Essex Friends of the Earth

We campaign on local, national and global environmental issues in Southend, Rochford and Castle Point. Our main focus is climate change – we are calling on Southend Council to reduce borough-wide CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020 as part of Friends of the Earth’s national “Get Serious about CO2“ campaign and are working with SAEN (saen.org.uk) to prevent the expansion of Southend Airport. http://www.seefoe.org.uk

Southend in Transition

Southend in Transition is a group of positive, solution focused local residents who are aware of the challenges of climate change and the end of cheap oil. They ask the questions “How is Southend-on-Sea going to feed itself, where is the energy going to come from, how are we going to heat our homes and get to work?” when oil prices shoot up again and climate change hits in. http://www.southendintransition.org.uk

Healthy Life Essex

A community interest company providing the web-based resource http://www.healthylifeessex.co.uk. Lots of information for anyone interested in leading a more natural, happier, healthier, greener lifestyle. Subjects covered include environmental issues, gardening, countryside, wildlife, complementary therapies and much more. Lots of interesting articles, events, and a lively blog.

3 Responses

  1. Hey Folks,

    Found your screening notice while googlefishing for references to our movie. What a wonderful event you have planned here! Great poster. It’s really gratifying for us, to be appreciated so clearly! We wish you all the very best for this event. You look to have a wonderful coalition of energies.

    We’re actually toying with the notion of making our way to Europe next summer for a screening and dialogue tour. You folks got any connections with a steamship company that could get us across the Atlantic? And would you have any interest in sponsoring a screening and workshop or dialogue circle with us there? Just thought we’d plant some seeds and see what takes root… the only danger I see is if I get to the UK I may not want to come back home!

    I’ll put your screening info on our Community Screenings page. Maybe that’ll help a few folks find you.

    Warm wishes from across the water.

    Touching the ground,
    Tim Bennett
    Writer/Director: What a Way to Go

  2. Hi Tim

    Great to hear from you; you and Sally have been an inspiration for a lot of people – certainly had I not seen WAWTG then my book would never have been written, and a great deal of the underground activism now taking place would still be people’s “For when it gets really serious” files. I think it’s going to be a good night, and change a few minds for the better.

    I don’t think I’ll ever get across to the USA. Apart from the fact they would probably reject my visa application, I would never have to time to get there and back without flying. I don’t have any contacts in steamship companies, although Dmitry Orlov has done a lot of travelling by sea, so may be able to help. There is also information at http://thetravelersnotebook.com/how-to/how-to-travel-by-cargo-ship/. It’s not cheap, though.

    If you ever get over here it would be good to meet up.


    Author: “Time’s Up!” and The Earth Blog

  3. o make it more interesting as the event is free we can support the new YMCA shop by… bringing a bag of our unwanted clothes which they can then use for their students to work on. At their last event they had a big pile of clothes brought by the people so lets do the same. Forward to anyone you know is coming:)

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