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August Newsletter

No-one can do everything, but everyone can do something!’
Barons Court Infant School newsletter

  1. Get your diaries out for the next events
  2. A chance to get involved
  3. What we’ve been doing last month
  4. Transition News and Projects
  5. Why are we actually doing this Transition Thing?
  6. Local News and Events
  7. Wider Circle
  8. Skilling up for the Powerdown
  9. Your suggestions will help us

Southend-on-Sea in Transition August Newsletter

Southend-on-Sea in Transition on Facebook – 18 supporters already

You must be asking yourself what happened to Transition Westcliff? The people involved are still there and lovely Westcliff isn’t going anywhere.

We’ve listened to feedback from many interested people and we decided to give them a platform to work on Transition for those outside of Westcliff-on-Sea in the wider Borough of Southend-on-Sea.

This is how other Transition Cities organize themselves. They have a general network like Transtion Bristol where they meet, make events to raise awareness and start projects. Among TB are people who wanted to work on a particular neighbourhood like Westbury on Tyme and they do their own events and projects.


We see Southend-on-Sea in Transition as a network of locals interested in transitioning their lives and their communities to a low-energy, happy future taking into account the challenges of climate change, peak oil and ideology of economical growth.

More about Southend-on-Sea in Transition

Get your diaries out for the next events

  • Transition Drinks, Transition Chat 27th of August, from 19:00 for a few hours. At the Cricketers Pub, crossroads of Milton Rd and London Rd, Westcliff-on-Sea. A chance to meet for an informal chat about Southend-on-Sea in Transition and green organizations and projects in Southend. Past Drinks.
  • Steering Group Meeting – 19 of August, Wednesday at 8.00 pm. Open discussion and planning event. You are welcome, places are limited so give us a call or email before. Meet up at bottom of Southend Highstreet.

A chance to get involved

Our Steering Group is open to people interested in working with the community to find local solutions to the issues of climate change and peak oil. Sounds like a bit much at first:)? No worries, we will help you get clued up and skilled up in a supportive environment. We are no experts but local people on a journey.

Volunteer a few minutes here and there. Here are a few other bits we could use help with.

The core group members are already busy on the Southend-on-Sea in Transition project. We can only do as much in our spare time so if you want more projects happening come and support us and you might feel the positive feeling associated with working with and for the community.

EcoHomes Tour Solar panels, wood stoves, insulation, water conservation etc are of interest to us so read more about it here and home owners get in contact to share your experience. Map mind over here.

Edible garden tour Don’t have an allotment but thinking about starting work on your back garden? What to grow and how? Do you want to see local back gardens in bloom full of veg and fruit? We want to!
Read about it here. If you want to help get in contact, open your garden to us or volunteer to help with the guided tours. Map mind over here.
Scrumping Have you seen fruit or nuts lying around in yours, maybe the neighbours garden or in some public space? Apples, pears, plums etc just rotting on the ground while they could be gathered up and made into some delicacies by those who need them? Don’t have time to pick them up or there are just too many in your garden. We will gather up the fruit and leave you a fair share to enjoy:) Why waste if it can taste? Full story here.

Well Being Fair We are thinking of organising a Well-Being Fair. This is at the stage of design but the basic idea would be for various practitioners (complementary therapies, psychotherapies etc) and agencies (PCT, sport, arts) to have their stand and introduce people to basic self help techniques and also to their services.

Southend – Grow your Own 2009 Map Are your seeds planted yet? Did you feel the thrill of those green seedlings coming out? What are you waiting for?

Send us your pictures of the seedlings, gardens, allotments and seeds via email or MMS and we will put them on an interactive map of Southend. Add your first part of postcode (ex. SS1). If you have loads of time add a short description of what you plan to grow this year. If you don’t have pictures send us the description and you’ll help inspire more growers this year in Southend. Back now to the allotment. Some of the pictures are already on the map.

Conflict Resolution Skills Cafe I wanted to learn the12 Skills of Conflict Resolution and discuss with friendly and interested others. Please get in contact if maybe you want to meetup to discuss and learn together in an informal and safe setting over a tea or coffee.

What we’ve been doing last month

Southend-on-Sea in Transition launched on Facebook

We have 18 people interested in the concept. Join them if you one of them.

  • The Transition Drinks were spent over a few drinks and exchanging ideas and contacts. Pop in this month.
  • FREE ‘EDIBLE’ WINDOW BOX PLANTINGSaturday 11th July, 10 am – 12 pm at St Mark’s Centre, Princes Street, Westcliff
In association with Milton Community Partnership

Transition News and Projects

Transition Network Newsletter

Transition Movement Survey Results

Over 130 152 170 185 193 Transition Initiatives around the world and growing strong. Transition Africa and Transition Finland.

Energy Resilience Assessment Practitioner Training Course

Announcing the release of report: Can Totnes Feed Itself?

The Transition Trail

Why are we actually doing this Transition Thing?

Sahara spreading to Europe
Report: Global climate disaster is moving closer
Study documents close relationship between past warming and sea-level rise

If those stories are a bit scary or confusing and you are asking yourself what you can do – take a look at the Transition Towns projects, browse other local projects for practical solutions and hey! come up with your own, share them and get involved.

Local News and Events

Visit the WLCS Allotment Summer Show; Sunday 23rd August 2009 (2 – 5pm Free – everyone welcome). For more details visit www.wlcsallotments.org.uk

Organic gardening seminars October 3rd Hockley Old Fire Station Southend Rd, Hockley, 1:30pm


Organic Growing Month by Month

Why not become a recycling champion

Food Coop in St Marks Centre, Westcliff. Southend Credit Union Helping the local economy and you. Keep your money safe and sound. Are you a member yet? Transition your life with the help of Southend Libraries. Southend Highstreet Farmers Market and Leigh Farmers Market. Bicycle safety tagging. Southend-on-Sea Freecycle – don’t throw it away, deluctter, offer the things you don’t need anymore, ask for things you need.

Grass Roots Reading Group – call the Southend Library for the next date.

Volunteers for Metal – Village Green and Kitchen Garden.

Energy Usage Monitor available on loan from the Southend Library.

St. Lukes Healthy Living Centre – variety of services offered: healthy walks, community allotments etc

Woodland Resource Centre in South East Essex.

New Southend YMCA concept shop starting up – bring your clutter and yourself.

Westborough School applied to have a wind turbine and solar panels!

Wider Circle

The Queen has got herself a garden and followed Prince Charles example by making it organic. Recently the Obama’s got one too so lets see who has got the greatest pumpkin in the end.

And now the Prime Minister office is joining the competition.

Skilling up for the Powerdown

Transition Training 5/6th September, 2009
Permaculture Courses and keep a look out for various local courses.

Your suggestions will help us
What did you think about this newsletter? Survey is here.

The content of the newsletter can be be generated by you, the community members interested in SosT and compiled by the Steering Group. Any news about activities, updates and forthcoming events should be submitted by 5th of each month to kamilpac@googlemail.com for inclusion in the next newsletter.

Big thanks to

MCP for supporting our work and publishing the events in their newsletter and for all of you who keep in touch and support our work.

If you have something you want to share with us, feel free to get in contact. Share information, your ideas and feelings and share in the work here.
Sent to you by Kamil Pachalko on behalf of Southend-on-Sea in Transition

Contact Details
Southend-on-Sea in Transition– tackling peak oil and climate change, together, now


text or call 07707676308
skype: kamil.pachalko3
On Twitter
Southend-on-Sea in Transition on Facebook

Feel free to forward this newsletter to people or organizations who you feel might be interested in our work or whose enthusiasm, ideas or skills could support us.

You are free to include items from the newsletter in your newsletter, email updates, website, blog etc just leave a link to our website.

Privacy clause

We respect your privacy. You can unsubscribe anytime by replying to this email with UNSUBSCRIBE in the Subject field.

We won’t share your details with any other organization and we respect your time and attention by controlling the frequency of our mailings.

You are receiving this emails because 1) you submitted your details to Southend-on-Sea in Transition so we can keep you up to date 2) or we thought that you personally/your organization might find the information we provide/work we do important and we could cooperate in making Southend-on-Sea and area a more pleasant, abundant and livable place and avoid climate disruption and energy shortages at the same time:)

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