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Big Issue at SEEC

We’ve had the pleasure to give a presentation to SEEC students – Art and Design – few slept:) many listened and left us loads of ideas as expected – thanks for that and for the invitation.

We gave to the students on the topic of climate change and peak oil and that they are living in a different time then their grandparents and parents. A time which requires from us to face the challenges and pick up on the opportunities by transitioning to a low energy future.

It took ages to type up all their ideas but was worth with many very serious answers and also some which brought a smile to our faces – we can’t forget humor in the transition, can we?

We’ve asked the students what can be done to prevent runaway climate change, prepare us for the consequences of peak oil and set us in the direction of a more happy and localized future.

1. What can I do…

Stop leaving my hair straighteners on :)- I can recycle more-  think – more organic food – buy organic food – grow my own food – turn the lights off – stop driving everywhere: walk, cycle, bus – buy organic cotton clothing – continue doing what I do – reduce the amount of these post it notes we are using!!! – more recycling to save energy – do more recycling to save energy – recycling – walk more instead of going in the car – learn to ride a bike – walk or cycle to college – walk more places – reuse things, make my own clothing, don’t drink so much then save water – save using petrol and walk more on short journeys – walk to college – walk – get married – start growing vegetables, fruit – turn stuff off – switch of the tele istead of leaving on standby=) – turn stuff off – fight oil corporations and boycott businesses – turn my electrical items off when I leave – be encouraged to grow my own food – ride my bike everywhere more – don’t leave my TV on standby – get married and have lots of babies – walk more often – bake a cake – use a bike more, less use of car’s – go to sleep – grow vegetabables – growing food – walk more places instead of driving when it is in walking distance – buy organic fruit and veg – don’t ride my motorbike for a short journey – start caring because I am a pesimist towards global warming 😐 – walk more – cycle – save electricity by turning lights of when not needed – save paper by using one piece of paper instead of four! – I could stop leaving my hairdryer on – recycle, RECYCLE! be good, behave – exchange car travel for bike and walking – nothing – grow own food – walk more places – keep doing what I can do – I can start taking public transport – give up smoking – reduce using electric – conserve energy – walk more often, recycle, use less energy – walk to the train station instead of poncing a lift – cut down on unnecessary energy wasteage ie to many technologie stuff – stop smoking and + be green – more recycling bags at home – recycle –

2. What can Southend do…

buy more energy saving items-  start a ‘lets change climate change’ group – more organic choices in shops – more organic produce, shops, cheaper – create more cycling paths – turn of Leigh lights – organize people to take part in a piece of Art, grab people attention (public) – people to take part in big discussion or do something to grab attention – use wave power – advertise help – put more police on the beat and use less cars – import pelicans to kill the pigeons (the real polluters) – turn off light during daylights – stop leaving rubbish on the streets – fight the power – recycle – put wind turbines in the sea – have recycling bins around town – save paper – get as much oil as they can – use less transport – change petrol to chip fat oil – dunno – energy saving light bulbs – be encouraged to use our local sources instead of imported – be more energy efficient ex. lightbulbs – worship me as your lord and saviour. I shall deliver you from absolution – discuss options – recycle – encourage groups, advertise more – sort out seegull mess – sort out more programmes – reduce the communities carbon footprint – give out free bike riding courses – cycle paths – grow veg in allotments – trade locally, fruit, veg etc – trade locally again – recycle more – wind farm – more recycling bins – stop littering – be more ecofriendly – get together – everyone, recycle – trading within a community – more recycling bins- stop littering, tidy up your rubbish – southend can be more ecofriendly sumhow

3. What can the government do…

produce more non-oil reliant items – stop us using all the oil, create a new law or something – invest in solar panels – stop worrying about money, put money to good cause, give money for solar panels – educate people on being more energy efficient – be overthrown by environmentalist because they don’t care now – organizing events for public, students – concentrate on what people think and not what they think, listen to people, not so much fuel travelling and stay local, – take thire thumb out thire… – implode… – ban make up – make more bins – take over the world and force everyone not to use oil – help us!:o – organize an event for people to get involved – drop stop and roll – Ban the gov, they go on about oil but sit compfy in their CARS – use the oil while it is there – raise awareness – change petrol to cheap fat oil – stop going to war – sort out the credit crunch – listen to people’s views! – recycle more – fix global warming – ? – abolish money – improve transport – compulsory recycling- supply ours sources and put bands on imported products, work together! – actually do sth and put plan into action – advertise the issues to raise awareness – make public transport cheaper so more people will use it – fund research of non- consumer ways of travel eg not frying oil – encourage recycling, renewable energy – encourage other ways to make energy, wind farms – make things cheaper be nice, make more electric cars – make cheap bikes – become hippies – make public transport cheaper so people can is it more then cars, petrol, oil etc – grow fruit and veg in allotments  – take greenpeace more seriously, geez! – put plans into action to actually do something – actually do their job, I love Becky! woow! – make more groups around England, make more people aware – get their act together – more recycling, a must do … Everywhere –

4. One other thought…

use the oil we have left to produce non oil reliant things – gov should stop worrying about how much money they have and worry about whats going to happen to Earth in the future – don’t drive if don’t have to – small changes make big differences – cover the poles with white stuff to deflect the heat – climate change is BAD – stop making film wasting energy, actually do sth – we should all help SAVE ENERGY – Fire the Oil – knowledge is the key, spread the word, – limit the amount of time people use cars a week using tokens in cars, use more efficient cars, NO BIG CARS!, celebs don’t fly so much!!! – we may as well live life to the full, climate change will occur anyway – solar power lights in dark building – hypotenus – I keep imaging myself in bed with other men, is that normal:) – save our world, save energy!:) – stop leaving lights on – its too late, people won’t change, might as well enjoy life now while we can – come up with exciting ways to save energy! – let the people get what they deserve. I am too good for this world – global warming doesn’t exist – use less paper – use less paper, one post it instead of 4!!- how much energy did it use to create and give this presentation? – get over it – don’t give 300 students 4 post it notes each 😉 – I like cheese – buy local, fresh produce – stop using oil so much in so many products – don’t worry.. be happy coz…every little thing.. is gonna be alright!!:) – go back in time – greedy corportations are to blame – welcome to the space olympics – donate land for projects or just to try and stop houses being built – things on to do list, buy a bike – make people more aware – promote walking and skating – I wanna go for a swim – save the mice – make new homes eco friendly by adding solar powered cells – make it cheaper to buy healthier foods, this will prevent more littering of fast food packaging etc- more people to buy organic food and veg – start growing own fruit and veg, recycling – SAVE THE WORLD! – don’t eat yellow snow – start growing food and veg – save the trees and chpmunks, E. Rocks:) –

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