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Power of Community Screening

The screening of Power of Community had a good crowd and as always with this film people felt well informed and inspired. Thanks for all the ideas we’ve gathered at the end of the meeting and for generous donations. See you this month.

Trailer for the film below and the link to the full video.

Post It Notes Tool

What could the government to prepare for peak oil?

Stop giving money to banks and invest it in renewable technology – make land available, fund growing initiatives – take the oil problem seriously and act on it, not just talk about it – invest heavily in public transport – invest heavily in public transport – make unsustainable fuels more expensive and use the money for renewable energy nad increased organic food production – disband and do us a favor! – to think more about long term effects – huge investment in renewable energy and eneregy saving – create a community – gov help us – can follow Cuba’s example for the good of health, happiness and environment – support alternative energy – to open their mind to the situation, to liste to experts ie. agriculture minister is actually involved in farming etc. – introduce rationing as in WWII

What could the Local authority/community do to prepare for peak oil?

Listen to the local resident, stop airport expansion and out of town developments – gather together – offer time, structure time – local community working together – raise awareness in the community by the use of fun and creativity to inspire others , urban gardening potential encourage development of food coops and community based initiatives – enable people to grow food locally, show people how share what we have – talk about changing our way of living – work together for the common good, educating, sharing ideas and resources and suportin each other to live happily and sustainbly – create more ‘ Lewes Currency’ – research local food growing potential, gardens, arable lad, allotments, schools, communitu gardens etc – look into idea of local currency- dialogue with each other. Find out who your neighbour is – support more local businesses –

What could I do to prepare for peak oil?

have a land based skill to share in the future – show it is ok to live more simply – less driving, more use of local transport and more walking – tell the truth, dig for victory, ride a bike – be more aware and try harder not to be so wasteful – grow more food in my garden – reuse recycle stop buying c. – grow some mushrooms in a soya milk carton – to support the local economy as much as possible, buy organic/fairtrade, to use environmentally friendly transport, to consider use of energy more in daily life – be myself as wholly as i can be – try to buy more local produce to cut carbon footprints – help others to learn – my friend from india said where she comes from ‘gardens’ are for food, only the wealthy grow flowers!! – be more proactive

What will be my next action to prepare for peak oil?

start using my little old trundle bike more – read transition notes attend next meeting – support others – support my local pub – grow allotment – get everyone along to next film, send emails to friend re what I learnt today – to source children friendly environ. infor to use in next children senior (film project) – leaflet about the airport consultation – research more – plant potatoes – dig the garden – take more time to look into energy use and systems – volunteer at growing together and learn

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