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Apple juice for life

Apples last only that long. When UK supplies are finished the apples have to be imported from abroad causing carbon emissions and preventing the local economy benefiting from peoples desire for their taste.

One of the ways to preserve your apples is to turn them into juice, bottle pasteurise and store. How many of us though keep the apple juice press in the cupboard?

That is the service Nigel at Hill Holme Juices offers. I had a long chat with him and he explained his business model to me. Back when he was working in Germany he was surprised by how cheap the juices were at farmers markets. The way it worked was the farmers brought the apples in carts to the large fruit juice pressing cooperative collection points. The apples were weighed and inspected, a deal was struck and the farmer would take payment in bottled apple juice, which he could then sell at the local markets.

Nigel business, though much smaller, works in a similar way. Harvest your apples, take them to him to be pressed and bottled. If you have more then you can handle you could leave some for Nigel and get a discount. With Nigel’s system the batch sizes can be tailored to ensure that only your apples are in your juice. Pasteurising ensures a shelf life of 18 months, so you can store up for winter, you might save money, you support the local economy by sourcing your apples locally and getting them prepared by a local business and cut carbon emissions from international transport.

You’ll soon have a chance to try his diverse juices. He is interested in the work we do and offered to come to our events, maybe give a talk and set up his stand.

He is looking for groups, places and events where he could present the juices so get in contact with him and you’re group could enjoy their taste too.

Nigel Lane 0621 891304 Hillholmejuice@live.co.uk www.hillholmejuice.co.uk

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